Happy Tails

See the amazing lives these animals have been given by people just like you.


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"We adopted Ruby from the Steele County Humane Society four years ago.  She was shy and a little withdrawn for a few months and now she follows us around and love to cuddle and go on two mile walks.  Ruby is one of our kids and we wouldn't imagine life without her"

                             ~ Love Ruby's Family


"This is Oakley, originally her name was Bennie when we adopted her from your organization three years ago.  She was a very shy, timid nine month old puppy who always had her tail between her legs. She has now grown to never stop wagging her tail.  She loves to fetch and listens very well.  She is bell trained, knows all commands and puts her paw up to say goodbye to guests - very smart.  She is our baby now but soon has to make room for a human sister.  Oakley is well loved and taken care of, thank you for our blessed Oakley."

                           ~Love Oakley's Family



As we are celebrating Jaro's (named after Mount Kilimanjaro) 6th birthday, we thought it was a good time to send you an updated photo of the handsome guy.  When we decided to foster him back in 2015 for the Steele County Humane Society, he had just been brought to the veterinary hospital by a good Samaritan after she found him very injured.  His front left leg was dangling from his little body.  It was determined his leg could not be saved and had to be amputated.  During surgery, the veterinarian realized his injury was caused by a shotgun.  Someone shot him, and he had small pellets throughout his body.  After bringing him home, we knew he would be our foster failure.  Despite everything he went through, Jaro is the happiest cat around and has adjusted really well to life on three legs.  He is the first to greet us at the door, the first to wake us up in the morning, and the most persistent in telling us he needs to be pet.  He also loves being around his cat siblings and, of course, eating.  Thank you for taking care of him when he needed it the most!  We love him to pieces!

                                                      ~ Love Jaro's Family



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I adopted a yellow lab from Steele County Humane Society in 2010 just after I graduated high school. The puppy was about 3 months old when I adopted him and came with the name Marley. The name couldn’t have been any more perfect because he turned out to be a crazy, energetic trouble maker who stole my heart!  I just wanted to say how thankful I am for the Humane Society and everything you do.

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