Cats at The Steele County Humane Society

All of our adoptable cats are vet checked, spayed, vaccinated, dewormed, and tested negative for FIV/FeLV. Please call 507-451-4512 or email us at to meet any of these cats in their foster home.



Cat named Mama more of Mama Cat named Mama
Mama is a female calico born approximately 9-21-2006. She was on her own for most of her life so she is slow to trust other cats and even slower to trust humans. Mama is laid back, independent and very quiet. She doesn't need a lot of attention or play with her human. Mama entertains herself with toys and loves catnip. She is litter box trained. TZ (14575 CS)
Cat named Martin more of Martin Cat named
Martin is a male, black long-haired cat born in November 17, 2014. He gets along well with other cats. He is very active and curious. He loves to play with everything he can find. He especially enjoys wrestling with his foster brother. When he slows down long enough for a nap, he likes to curl up on his human's chest. He would do great in a home with other young kittens. TZ (14575 CS)
Cat named Tips more of Tips Cat named Annie
Tips gets her name from the white tip on her tail. She is a female tabby born approximately July 22, 2014. She was found all alone and was brought in to be a playmate for another lonely kitten. Tips is a little shy but very playful with the other kitten. She loves to sit on the cat tower and soak up the sun while watching birds and squirrels. After naps she loves to chase thru the house with her playmates. PJ (14560 CS) Annie is playful, sweet and a little shy, but comes out of her shell when she is loved up. She is litter box trained. FH (14562CO)
Cat named Taco more of Taco Cat named Taco
Taco is a male cat born approximately April 4, 2014. He is energetic and loves to play. His favorite things to do are to play fetch and chase the red laser light. He loves to snuggle and fall asleep on his people. He would love a home where he can get a lot of play time. Taco could use a playmate - a young cat like him that likes to play but will teach him the right way to do it without biting. TZ (14157 cs)
Cat named Fezzik more of Fezzik Cat named Fezzik
Here comes Fezzik! Fezzik is part of our Princess Bride litter born June 16th, 2014! Fezzik is a special little boy as his feline mom tried to abandon him 3 times and 3 times his foster mom stepped in and made sure she didn't. After the 3rd time, his feline mom accepted him back into her fold and he has been going non-stop ever since! He is a small kitty right now, very loving and he has a special spot in his foster mom's heart. He can be vocal at times, but he is another that is right there looking for a spot next on the bed during the night. He will make a loving addition to any home! C&AL (14542 co)
Cat named Max more of Max Cat named Max
Introducing: Max! Max is one of our Princess Bride litter born on June 16th, 2014! Max can be short for Maximum Cuteness; Maximum Joy, or Maximum Night time Snuggler! Max is a small kitten but is such a sweet boy - and he loves to tell you just how sweet he is! Max is also one that can be found looking for a spot next to his foster mom at bedtime! C&AL (14543 co)
cat named Katniss cat named Katniss cat named Onyx
Play, snuggle, purr, knead, give kisses!!!!! There are so many things I love to do! I am a young one who came into this world on August 23, 2013 and love everything there is to see and do. Running and playing with all of the other critters at my foster home is one of my favorite things to do but when the time comes and my foster mom is on her computer I love to sit on her lap with my motor going and give her kisses. I am litter box trained and would love to show my new home all of the wonderful things I love to do. Come see me!!!! LP(13579 CS)
Cat named Betty more of Betty Cat named Betty
Betty is a 2 year old (D.O.B. August 11th, 2012) short haired feline beauty, who is white in color except for a little gray "crown" on her head and a little dusting on her tail. Betty was named after the timeless beauty, actress and comedian Betty White, who is a huge animal lover. Betty is friendly, laid back, and enjoys taking several cat-naps each day.CE (14509CS)
Cat named Willie more of Willie Cat named Willie
Willie was a little “lost boy” - a stray wandering around by himself when he happened upon a cat lover. He joined us in this world 7/29/2013 and is patiently waiting for his forever home. Willie loves to snuggle with his foster mom or foster brothers and sisters with fur. Willie is very playful and loves to lay on the cat tower and watch the birds and squirrels. He is litter box trained and ready to go to his forever home. Come see him!!!!! PJ (13577CS)
Picture of cat named Mimi Picture of Mimi Picture of cat named
MIMI Lovely
Mimi was born on April 27th, 2012 and is a beautiful petite black cat with such delicate facial features! She loves to held and to cuddle up with her humans! Mimi would love to be in a home where she can be the princess she was meant to be, with no other cats to steal her spotlight. Mimi gets along fine with the canines in her foster home. Plus she has a $75 sponsorship making her adoption fee only $25! C&AL (12543CS)
Picture of cat named Ebony Picture of Ebony Picture of cat named Ebony
EBONY Lovely
Ebony is a very playful kitty and enjoys a good snuggle with another fur-friend! She loves to wake her foster mom up in the morning by rubbing her face in her mom's face until mom gets up to feed her! Ebony is a true snuggler who is partial to sleeping with her humans. Her favorite toy is a pipe cleaner. Ebony was born 10/15/12. PJ (13504CS)